CMGA Membership Benefits


1 HACCP-based, On-Farm Food Safety Program.  Shared-cost services of Mushrooms Canada HACCP Facilitator leading to 3rd-party HACCP certification.  The value of this service is estimated to be $3000 per member.

2. Environmental Best Management Practices for Mushroom Growers in Canada.   The definitive reference for mushroom growers in Canada. 

3. Ergonomic Assessment of Mushroom Harvesting and Packing.

4. Listing in the Mushrooms Canada Membership Directory.

5. Business Members have voting privileges and are eligible to be Directors.

6. North American Mushroom Conference registration fees at reduced rates.  The value of this service is    $200.00 per person.

7. Free subscription to Mushroom World magazine.  Standard subscription fee is $125.00 per year.

8. Periodic Mushrooms Canada Bulletins of timely issues.

9. Reduced registration fees for members attending Mushrooms Canada-sponsored technical workshops.

10 Advocacy, on behalf of mushroom growers, with federal and provincial government agencies.  For example, On-Farm Food Safety, International Trade,  Country-of-Origin, Nutrient Management,  Employment Standards, Occupational Health & Safety, Temporary Foreign Workers, etc.

11. Advocacy, with Pest Management Regulatory Agency [PMRA], on behalf of mushroom growers, for   minor use and emergency registration of pesticides.

12. Employee Training Programs.

13. Sponsorship of research, on behalf of Canadian mushroom growers. 

14. Statistical Analysis, Production, Imports, Exports.
15. Affiliation with American Mushroom Institute and Mushroom Council [USA].

16. Consumer Education/Generic Marketing of fresh Canadian Mushrooms

17. AAFC:  Advance Payment Program

By-laws [surrounding Membership]

According to the By-Laws of the Association:


Section 1. Membership Eligibility/Application

(1) Each Member of the Association shall conform to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

(2) The Association’s Membership shall consist of:
(a) Active members shall be firms, partnerships or proprietorships occupied in the commercial growing of Mushrooms in Canada;
(b) Associate members shall be:
(i)  suppliers to the mushroom industry.
(ii) distributors of mushrooms in any form

(3) Membership in the Association shall be applied for by presentation of a written application supplied in writing by a disinterested member in good standing, agreeing to abide by the provisions of these By-Laws and any amendments legally made thereto.  If such application is approved by the Directors, the applicant shall become a member upon payment of the applicable dues.

Section 2. Membership Dues

Proposed changes in annual dues for membership shall be presented to the Annual Meeting of the Association by the Board of Directors.  Any proposed change shall be mailed to all members with their notice of meeting.  A majority vote by the members present is required to effect such change.

Section 3. Associate Membership

Associate membership is available under the following classifications:
(1) Associate members deriving their livelihood entirely from the industry such as spawn suppliers, or exclusively mushroom distributors, will be admitted into membership subject to the approval of the Board of Directors at an annual fee to be determined by the Board of Directors.
(2) Associate membership such as suppliers and distributors in the industry will be acceptable upon approval of the Board of Directors, at an annual fee to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 4. Associate Membership Privilege

Associate members shall have all the privileges of active members, excepting the power to vote and to hold office or attend closed meetings of the active members.

Section 5.

(1) When a member sells or otherwise disposes of his business, his successor may apply for membership according to Section 3.
(2) Changes in name only, with the personnel of the firm or corporation remaining the same, may be made on the books of the Association, with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section 6. Membership Assessment

The Board of Directors may, subject to the approval of the Annual Meeting, for any period, fix an assessment in addition to the membership dues.

Section 7. Resignation of Member

The resignation of a member shall not be accepted except upon four weeks’ notice to the Executive Vice-President in writing, with payment of all dues and other obligations to the Association.

Section 8. Suspension of Member

Members failing to pay their dues may be suspended or dropped from the Roll at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and shall thereupon forfeit the rights and privileges of membership in the Association.  No member shall be expelled except by a two-thirds’ vote of the members of the Association.

Section 9. Annual Membership Requirement

Every member shall be required to file annually with the Executive Vice-President a statement setting out in full, the names of the executive officers of his enterprise.  Should any change in such personnel occur during the year, he shall promptly notify the Executive Vice-President.

As of January 1, 2009, Membership fees are:

1) Active Members [Agaricus] $0.20 per square ft. cased/week [average of 52 wks]

2) Active Members [Non Agaricus]  $350.00 [$367.50 including GST]

3) Associate Members  $495.00 [$519.75, including GST]


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